When you specify “exclusive use” you are requesting that only your shipment moves on dedicated equipment. This might be for your time critical freight that you prefer to have move directly from pick up to delivery.

Another reason might be to protect fragile freight by eliminating any re-handling.

It could also be for better security for your sensitive shipments. Once the freight is loaded and the doors on the trailer are closed and sealed, it remains secure until the tamper proof security seal is inspected by your people when delivered.

With exclusive use, there is less chance of any loss or damage, since your shipment is delivered from the same equipment it was loaded on. We match your shipment to the appropriate size vehicle, ranging from cargo vans and straight trucks to tractor-trailers.

It is also ideal for same-day and early next day deliveries of time critical freight.
Exclusive use could be combined with cross country team service for deliveries measured in hours on your expedited freight.

There are air cargo containers in various sizes available for exclusive use when ground transportation is not fast enough. Just give us the details on your shipment and one of our specialists will compare all the options for you.