Expedited Freight Shipping

Expedited freight shipping is for your priority shipping with time critical deliveries. Some companies offer expedited shipping, but that might only mean faster order processing. They measure service by how long it takes once they receive an order until it is ready for shipping. Furthermore, you can request expedited service with most LTL carriers; however, it may or may not move as a priority. Expedited freight shipping is all about faster transit time, and there are several options depending on the size of the shipment and required delivery.

Priority air, next day or second day, may be good options in certain situations. However, depending on the size of shipment, origin and destination, Expedited trucking may be a better option.

Airfreight may be the fastest way to get parts needed for manufacturing to a plant that is down, but that is not always the case. Sometimes shipments require larger cargo planes with more lift, because of the size or weight of the items you are shipping. That limits the options to certain aircraft, the cities they fly to, and frequency of the flights. Then you have to add in the distance and driving time to the origin terminal, add a minimum of two hours at each end for staging, and recovery at the destination terminal, then distance to final destination, and driving time.

In addition to this, you must consider all the possibilities for something to go wrong along the way. Many people are involved, as your freight is re-handled along the way by different companies. Everything has to move like clockwork, if your shipment is to be delivered on time. Even though we watch over everything for you, it could be bumped from a commercial flight by other priority freight, including luggage, and the U.S. mail.

Expedited truck shipping
The advantages of expedited trucking over airfreight are many. First, you limit the number of companies, and people involved. In addition, by limiting the schedules that must be adhered to, you are avoiding the reasons for most service failures. To add an extra layer of protection, you have the option of requesting exclusive use of the equipment. That way you ensure there is no re-handling of your timely shipment, with the freight moving directly from origin to destination. Furthermore, your shipments can be delivered 24/7/365 without regard to nights, weekends, or holidays.

Cross Country Team Service
We know the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Likewise, two drivers rotating as a team can provide the fastest transit time. They run day and night; many times equaling or bettering airfreight, with time critical shipments measured in hours.
Whatever your need, standard van, temperature controlled, flat bed, or other specialized equipment, sleeper team service is available.